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September 4th - August 27th, 2017

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Annual Women's Retreat - Women on the Way: Walking with the Women of Jesus' Journey

May 5th - May 7th, 2017


Facilitator Rev. Mary Scifres will incorporate music, art, drama, and conversation to encourage a creative journey into the stories of Jesus and the women scripture places in the Jesus story.

We will explore the women who traveled with Jesus: Mary the listener, Martha the worker, Mary the disciple, Mary the mother, unnamed mothers-in-law, unnamed sister, and other disciples and use them to give us bread for the journey, food for the soul, and strength for the body. If you want to request a specific woman's story to be included, let Mary know at, and she will integrate that story into the retreat plan.

We will share time in a variety of ways: eating together, participating in both large-group structured activities under Mary's leadership and small-group interest activities such as hiking, yoga, guided meditation, bird/nature walking, journaling, structured small-group conversation, puzzles, knitting and needlework, labyrinth walking. As always, reasonably priced massages will be available throughout the weekend.